Saturday, 12 April 2014

Indian Economy

I was listening to the world service this morning about massive unemployment among recent graduates in India. "In The Balance" - India needs to create 100 million new jobs over the next decade. The was an IT industry bloke being interviewed said:
  • that there was a big gap between what graduates are taught and what's needed
  • IT industry only employs 3% of recent IT graduates because only 3% pass the industry test and interview process because "recent graduates lacked necessary skills" in things like "software development", "following the product life-cycle", "testing", and "UAT testing"!
  • Industry prefer people who've "ONLY been trained in software development". Apparently this guy believes "you don't need to go to college". What kind of employer prefers those "ONLY trained in software development" to computer science graduates?
As if, ... How long would it take the Indian IT industry to train people for these skills - weeks, months?